About me

My cooking more or less reflects my roots, mixed with my family’s accidentally having to move around the world for the past three generations.

Switzerland, Latvia, Venezuela

I say accidentally, because it was never planned.  World War II forced my grandparents to move out of their respective countries.  My mother’s side moved from Latvia to Venezuela, and on my fathers side, my grandfather from Germany to Switzerland to Spain, back to Switzerland and then, along with my Swiss grandmother, to Venezuela.

Once in Venezuela, my parents and their families settled and they were so happy to have landed in such a beautiful country, that they never thought of the possibility of ever moving again.  My father did leave Venezuela for some years to study in Argentina and in the United States, and then I also followed with the family tradition, moving first to the US to study, and then, after working there a few years, I settled down in Florida. After loving my life as a true Floridian, I went to Europe on vacation, and in Germany I met my now husband.  After four years of being a good Lufthansa customer, we figured one of us had to move, and since I was already used to it, we decided I would be the one moving…  So here I am, living in beautiful Franconia!

Along with moving, our family’s other hobby is cooking. Wherever we happen to be living in, we love to collect recipes.  Along the way, we have also met many people from many other countries, and thanks to them, we have learned other customs and even more recipes!

When someone asks me where am I from, you can figure that it is quite a hard question to answer, and then, usually, the next question is what kind of food do we eat at home… I guess now I will be able to answer, “just check my blog!”